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Edith H.

Before finding Jerry, I wasn’t pleased with the market going up and down.

Now after becoming a client, if the stock market goes down I’m going to be more stable and that’s good enough for me. He’s there when you have questions.

Theresa and Herman W.

Jerry was referred to us through another person that I (Theresa) work with and they were insistent that I meet him because they thought he could help.

Well, we would recommend him highly, highly recommend him because he doesn’t leave anything out when he starts explaining things to you… he is real thorough.

We see a tremendous increase over the last company we were with. Jerry is the man for the job!

Paulette and Freddie M.

Jerry checked into what we had and then he called the company where my husband had his savings with–with us on the phone–and found out exactly what we were paying for and not receiving.

The place we had our money–before we found out how to ask the right questions–that based on how our old account was set up, we could eventually lose or run out of money and that was a big concern because we worked hard for that and we both struggled to save and then to run out would have been devastating.

Two years ago my wife was in the hospital, critically ill, who showed up? Jerry! Not many other guys would do that. That means a lot to her and I.

We wish we would have known this way back then, you know. We are very lucky to have found Jerry when we did. Let the man come talk to you, see the ends and outs of his programs. We trust Jerry and his programs.

Debbie Y.

I’m coming close to retirement and I want to make sure I am taken care of but I want to make sure my four children get something too.

I know that I can call him up and ask him that question, he has time for me, right then and if he doesn’t know he says “I’ll find out” and get back with you and he does.

I’m 100% satisfied. I’m completely at peace with my goals. I would not put anything anywhere else. I’m finished looking.

B. J. and Renita T.

A lot of the guys I work with, especially the younger guys don’t have any idea as compared to myself at their age, I didn’t have any idea either– you know, you’re working and the money is coming in and you don’t think about the future, but I explained to them that this is the man to talk to. He will help them to have a comfortable future and they may be able to retire earlier.
He’s 24/7. He’s on the job and with somebody like that you appreciate. You know they’ve got your best interest in mind.

Paul “Scott” J.

I have been employed with the city for about 35 years. I met Jerry Linebaugh at our parish library during an informal lecture on numerous investment strategies. One particular strategy seemed right for me which began my relationship with Jerry.

Since that time, Jerry has taken care of switching my retirement account over. I have had several meetings with Jerry to insure I was well informed on all aspects of my new strategy. I was not dissatisfied with my previous investment counselor. He could not provide me with a FIA. I have more peace with this strategy, and thanks to Jerry for the efficient and thorough way he handled my affairs.

Sheila L.

It has been over 3 years that I have worked with Jerry and he has helped me more in that short period of time than where money was–far more earnings (with him) than in many years in the past.

He keeps up with the market, he and his team knows what is going on, they know where the better investments are and that is what I want in a financial advisor.

At this point in my life I have never been more comfortable with where my money is, what it is doing and where it is headed. Jerry is very trustworthy, very kind, very family oriented and what more could you ask for?